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          March 23, 2022

          Exclusive: 2013 La Soula Rouge

          This is my dream wine. Not only because it conveys a genuine reflection of place in a truly captivating way, but because the story of the people behind it resonates with me personally. As a long time wine buyer, I often think of tossing my laptop and spreadsheets aside and carving out a little family winery on France's astonishingly beautiful Mediterranean coast. That's the tale of Le Soula. A project founded by two English wine merchants and Gerard Gauby, a visionary Roussillon vigneron. Their dream was to showcase the rugged, dazzling, high altitude landscape of the Pyrenees, and they have succeeded beyond all expectations.
          March 19, 2022

          Philippe Tessier ‘Phil en Bulle’

          When a wine makes itself this easy to enjoy, you have to spread that joy. Today's wine is not only the perfect bubbly for any occasion, but also the perfect aperitif in our opinion. A spring sipper with a much deeper and more complex flavor profile than you would expect from a bubbly at this price. Full of white flowers, juicy orchard fruit, and fresh acidity, it's about as good as sparkling wine gets.
          March 16, 2022

          Producer Profile: Nanclares y Prieto

          What Alberto Nanclares and Silvia Prieto have done with these wines has brought Albariño and the white wines of Rías Baixas to heights not previously achieved in the region. The closest comparisons I can think of are what Vincent Dauvissat and François Raveneau have done in Chablis; winemakers that seem to have a deeper, more profound ability to lift their terroir above and beyond what has historically been thought possible.
          March 12, 2022

          Salena’s Flavor of the Week – Domaine La Taupe 2-Pack

          Today's wines achieve that illusive and delicate balance of packing gobs of flavor and concentration into lithe, fresh frames. Although they are grown within close proximity of each other in the cool Loire Valley, they are opposite sides of the same coin. A Cabernet Franc delivering floral elegance and precision while the Malbec is brooding and full of dark, spicy, earthy fruit. Opposing profiles, but ones that fit together seamlessly.
          March 9, 2022

          La Perdida

          The wines of La Perdida would be staples on our shelves if there was even close to enough to go around. These, like all of winemaker Nacho Gonzales' wines, are low production, intimate cuvées that awe aficionados and amateurs alike. With a total production of only a few thousand bottles per year, we are lucky to get the small allocation that we do.
          March 5, 2022

          Salena’s Flavor of the Week – Domaine de Marquiliani ‘Gris de Marquiliani’ 2020

          This featherweight is so pale and crystalline in color you wouldn't know it was a Rosé if not for it being written on the label. A paradox in and of itself, this rosé 'Gris' shimmers a pale silver color in the glass but still manages to pack a punch, delivering complexities and flavor that defy its appearance.
          March 3, 2022


          Filippo Rizzo makes 'true wine'. That's what he calls the wines of Lamoresca, his one other love besides his wife and partner Nancy. What does it mean to make true wine? For Filippo, it's a matter of working and caring for his vines not just as a monoculture, but as a living farm and an extension of his home. Rizzo's vineyards were purchased after a career selling natural wine, he being one of the first natural wine merchants outside of Paris at the beginning of the movement. Eventually deciding it was time to return to his roots in Sicily, and has never looked back.
          February 25, 2022

          Salena’s Flavor of the Week – Pirouettes ‘Tutti Frutti de Stéphane’ 2019

          Today's wine is an Alsatian stunner from one of the coolest natural winemaking co-ops in France, Les Vins Pirouettes. With purity and terroir at the forefront, this unique cuvée from a one-of-a-kind project over delivers on flavor, texture and excitement! The first sip of this extraordinary wine made me jump out of my seat and do a little dance!
          February 23, 2022

          Exclusive: 2016 Clos du Jaugueyron ‘Nout’ Margaux

          If you look hard enough, tucked amongst the grandiose chateaux of Bordeaux, you'll find families holding firm to the traditions of this historic land. While they've witnessed their neighbor's land get snatched up by multi-national and luxury brands, they've stood firm; knowing the wines they produce are some of the most extraordinary in all of Bordeaux.
          February 22, 2022

          Producer Spotlight: Peter Lauer

          Tucked away on the river Saar (a Mosel tributary) is a celebrity in the German winemaking world, and his name is Florian Lauer. Though his father's name remains the face of the weingut, Florian has done more than craft a niche for himself in the Saar, and has far surpassed the moniker of rising star. Here at Monarch we recently got the chance to hop on a Zoom call with PJ Rosenberg of Vom Boden, the importer of these wines and a true advocate. He led us through the wines of Weingut Peter Lauer one by one, giving us a real sense of the winery, the town of Ayl, and the land surrounding it.
          February 16, 2022

          Exclusive: 2020 Baurdy ‘La Croix Boisee’ Chinon Blanc

          How can a white wine made in a land of iconic reds be this good? At face value, this concept would be literally unbelievable. This white dot on a red map is not only one of the best Chenin Blancs I taste year in and year out, but has come to be an all-time favorite white of mine. Perhaps I shouldn't be so surprised as it's made by one of the Loire's top-tier estates, Domaine Bernard Baudry. The only problem is its' scarcity.
          February 12, 2022

          Salena’s Flavor of the Week – Domaine Migot, Methode Traditionnelle Rosé NV

          Do not let Camille Migot's age fool you. While he is no doubt a young winemaker, he is serious and passionate about his work and legacy. The 13th generation in a long line of fervent winemakers, his estate is small but mighty; totaling a mere five hectares and located in the heart of Lorraine. Certified organic and eschewing modern technology, Camille continues his family's tradition. He is a force to be reckoned with, and his wines are all the proof one needs. Elegant, invigorating, astounding and full of life.
          April 20, 2021

          Exclusive: 2018 Baudry Clos Guillot Chinon

          It is impossible to think of Chinon without uttering the name Baudry. Bernarnd Baudry acquired his first holdings in 1975 and is undoubtably one of Chinon’s most outstanding producers, not to mention one of the greatest cultivators of Cabernet Franc. Their wines are noted for exquisite precision, concentration and texture. They are unquestionably among the finest and most expressive in Chinon.
          April 16, 2021

          Salena’s Flavor of the Week – Garage Wine Co. País

          Garage Wine Co. was actually started in a garage in 2001 by Derek Mossman and wife Pilar Miranda. Ever since, the dynamic couple have dedicated their life's work to resurrecting old vineyards, working with farmers in the Maule and Itata regions. Quickly rising from making a few barrels for friends and families to internationally recognized and coveted bottles. Their Single Ferment Series was founded on the premise of reviving historic, native varieties, hence the name '215 BC', an hommage to País, which was being cultivated here some 215 years before Cabernet Sauvignon.
          April 14, 2021

          Exclusive: 2016 Maison Blanche Le Colombier

          I love Bordeaux, even though it has sadly been considered "not cool" in some wine circles for quite some time now. There is some truth to it, as a large portion of Chateaux from this historic and paramount region have fallen pray to 'Parkerisation.' Instead of sticking to their roots and favoring nuance, freshness and drinkability, many have succumbed to the American market and its' preference for big, oaky, fruit bombs; bearing no resemblance to the wines they once were. We should also mention the pricing, which tends to match the behemoth nature of the wines. Today's St-Émilion is the antithesis to those 'modern' beasts.
          April 6, 2021

          Exclusive: 2019 Whitcraft Faite de Mer Pinot Noir

          There are so few examples of successful, second-generation winemakers in North America. Drake Whitcraft has not only carried forward the standard set by his father Chris, but he has also envisioned new sites and varieties that continue the adventurous work his father started in 1985. This old world tradition of a family winery, and the wisdom passed from father to son, is what is most compelling to me. The vineyard is organic, biodynamic and dry farmed. Drake is the only person the vineyard owners sell grapes to and he is crazy pumped about this site. They sold him 1 ton, so he sold us 1 case.
          March 22, 2021

          Salena’s Flavor of the Week – Gaspard Sauvignon Blanc

          Known for many years in NYC's natural wine scene as the other half of pioneering wine importer, Jenny & François, Francois Ecot gave up city life and moved back home to become a vigneron. Working closely with several farmers and vignerons in the Loire Valley to produce a wine specifically for J&F Selections, he chose the name Gaspard, meaning treasure. It is the perfect name to describe these darling wines that capture the essence of Tourraine's terroir at an approachable price.
          March 19, 2021

          Exclusive: 2018 Cascina delle Rose Langhe Nebbiolo

          Of all the descriptions for wine, the one I love most is BEAUTIFUL. Yes, it's subjective (as are most things in wine) and hard to describe, but to paraphrase Justice Stewart "I know it when I taste it." Beautiful wines share a few common characteristics. Clear, defined aromatics with perfumed flowers and spice. They are balanced and detailed, with flavors that meld together yet are distinct from one another. Elusive wines that are both concentrated and lithe. Today's wine, from Cascine delle Rose, embodies all of these.
          March 8, 2021

          Producer Spotlight: Mathieu Coste

          Mathieu Coste has an impressive history in education, including Professor and Winery Director at the Beaune Viticulture School in Burgundy. After a short stint in the military, he began working for a co-op in the tiny, almost forgotten appellation of Coteaux du Giennois, just a stones throw from Sancerre. The influence of his pedigree is without a doubt reflected in one's first sip of his wines. Farming a mere five and a half hectares split between Gamay, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc, he grows everything biodynamically on the region's classic limestone soils. Matthieu is making some of the most breathtaking wines from this nearly forgotten land.
          March 3, 2021

          Exclusive: 2018 Pepiere Gras Mouton

          Situated in the village of Maisdon-sur-Sèvre, in France's Loire Valley, Domaine de la Pépière's Marc Olivier has been producing stunning wines for nearly 40 years. The domaine is named for the small village of La Pépière, where Marc was born and raised. La Pépière has its root in the word pépie, meaning thirst, a nod to the vibrant and thirst quenching wines that Olivier has dedicated his life to making. They take their time at Pépière. Everything is hand harvested (a rarity in the region) and only natural yeasts are used for fermentation. The vineyards are all old vines with a superb exposition on original root stock. Olivier is the only grower in the Muscadet who does not have a single clonal selection in his vineyards. These wines are true Muscadet.