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          November 10, 2020

          Exclusive: Domaine Tripoz

          For Burgundy nerds like me, watching the climbing prices for bottles from this storied area has been shocking. One of my greatest joys as a buyer is sourcing and discovering wines for the shop that over-deliver. Wines that possess soul and meaning without breaking the bank. The wines of Céline and Laurent Tripoz are one of my most exciting finds of the year. Their wines are everything I adore about Burgundy, without the sticker shock.
          October 3, 2020

          Exclusive: Nusserhof ‘T……o’ 2014

          It's not just that this wine comes from a mere 10 rows of vines. It's also a wine of unmatched beauty, elegance and detail. Regardless of the less than 700 bottle production, this is still one of the most distinct and complete wines I have ever tasted from Italy. Perfumed, silky and utterly beguiling. If you have any doubt about wine's ability to transmit beauty, I encourage you to try this wine. It will change your mind.
          October 3, 2020

          Exclusive: Gerard Duplessis ‘Montmains’ Chablis 2015

          Legendary wines aren't made every vintage. There are a dizzying array of factors that must go right in order for a winemaker to craft something truly special. However, about once a decade, the stars align and all facets fall into place. The result is a wine from a certain vintage that even outshines itself.
          September 9, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Clos des Mourres

          Situated on the hillside of Carriane, Ingrid and Jean-Philippe Bouchet work close to 40 hectares of vines, creating diverse reds, crisp whites and delicate rosés. All farmed by hand and with out chemical intervention. The couple have instilled their love of land and vines to their children, who help with the day to day operations at the winery.
          September 9, 2020

          Exclusive: Bernard Baudry ‘Croix Boissée’ Chinon 2017

          Bernard Baudry is undoubtably one of Chinon’s most outstanding producers, and one of the greatest cultivators of Cabernet Franc. Founded in 1975 with just two hectares, Bernard has grown his estate to its current size of 32. Upon retirement, he allowed his son Matthieu, who began working by his side in 2000, to assume the lead role and together they continue to make wines which set THE standard in Chinon.
          August 30, 2020

          Exclusive: Eric Texier, Chateauneuf-du-Pape Blanc 2017

          Those of you who had a chance to meet Eric Texier at the Louis/Dressner tasting last year probably learned quickly that he doesn't mince words. Eric is as direct and forthright with his opinions as they come. It's no surprise then, that this is exactly how he makes his wines.
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Domaine Gramenon

          These are wines I adore. They left their mark on me, as I can still remember the first bottle I ever tasted. These are not only some of the best Côtes du Rhônes, but some of the best red wines in all of France.
          August 30, 2020

          Exclusive: Division Wine Co. ‘Trois’ Chardonnay 2017

          Trois Chardonnay is sourced from the Johan Vineyards on the coastal edge of the Willamette Valley. Biodynamically grown on marine sediment over granite bedrock. Native yeast fermented in a combination of used and one new French oak barrel
          August 30, 2020

          Exclusive: Monier Perreol, St Joseph 2017

          These steep, granitic vineyards are some of the most labor intensive anywhere in the world. To make wine anywhere is a challenge, but here it is back-breaking. These wines transport you to their rugged landscape with one with whiff.
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Domaine de la Pepiere

          Certain wines made me fall in love with wine. They were wines that dilated my pupils and took my breath away. They showed me wine was so much more than just a beverage. I couldn't help it, I needed to know more! Domaine de la Pépière Muscadet was one of those wines. These are wines with a clear and direct link to place. Wines of pure terroir.
          August 30, 2020

          Exclusive: Thibaud Boudignon ‘La Vigne Cendree’ Savenierres 2018

          Undoubtably one of the most exciting, young winemakers in the Loire. The speed at which he has garnered so much praise speaks to the remarkable quality of his wines. Originally from Bordeaux, Thibaud refined his craft while working for Burgundy's historic Domaine Charlopin. In 2009 he landed in the Loire and eventually started making wine under his own name from a tiny 3.5 hectares of Chenin Blanc.
          August 30, 2020

          Exclusive: Les Dolomies

          We were first introduced to Les Dolomies by Rajat Parr over a casual dinner with friends at Bibi Ji, his restaurant in Santa Barbara. There were some incredible wines shared that evening. But one stood out, striking like a bolt of lightning. That wine was from the tiny estate of Les Dolomies.
          August 30, 2020

          Exclusive: Vocoret ‘En Boucheran’ Chablis 2018

          Eleni & Edouard Vocoret have been generating buzz overseas since 2012, but their wines are finally hitting our shores. These are classically styled Chablis, all vitality and balance. But there is a youthful energy to these wines that I can't get enough of.
          August 30, 2020

          Exclusive: Vale de Capucha

          Pedro has an effortless style that he describes as 'lazy,' but you would never know from the taste. With rich textures and great character, his wines are almost too easy to drink!
          August 30, 2020

          Summer Rosé Bubbles

          All spring we've been tasting rosés in every style, shape and hue culminating in todays' delightful 4-pack of our favorites! These are the most refreshing pink (and red!) pet-nats we have had to date. Crisp, delicate and light, these all feature a thirst-quenching acidity sure to cool you to the core!
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Bret Bros.

          Lucky for us, we have managed to lock down an outstanding allocation from Burgundy's rising stars, the Bret Brothers. Working with a mere 8 hectares (19 acres) of old vine plots, they produce top-notch, terroir-driven, biodynamic wine.
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Sébastien Riffault

          Since 2002, Sébastien has produced vintage after vintage of astounding wines. Capturing a liveliness and energy mimicked in his vineyards. It's the depth and concentration of fruit that makes his Sancerre some of the most alluring of all the land. Invigorating, thought provoking and pristine, these immaculate wines are the Loire Valley's best kept secret.
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Envínate

          I believe decades from now we will look back at the 2010s and credit four friends from winemaking school with singlehandedly changing the trajectory of Spanish wine.
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Jean-Pierre Robinot

          With only 20,000 bottles produced each year, these are some of the most exclusive, highly allocated and hard-to-find bottles in the world. Jean-Pierre has reached cult status in the world of natural wine, his magical bottles becoming somewhat of a Holy Grail. These are pure, honest and transformative wines to be sure.
          August 30, 2020

          Exclusive: Le Petit St Vincent ‘Poyeaux’ Saumur Champigny 2014

          It's a special thing to drink a wine with age. Amongst its countless compelling facets, wine's ability to evolve with time may be its most magical quality. A small category of wines only truly reveal themselves with time.