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          March 23, 2020

          Sneak Peak: First Days of Rosé

          This week we've put together the perfect rosé starter pack. Fresh, lively and unapologetically fun, these wines are sure to keep your spirits high and your hearts warm. A rosé deal you won't want to miss! Cheers to Spring and brighter times ahead!
          January 23, 2020

          Redefining Chilean Wine

          Chile has a longstanding history of winemaking, dating back to the 16th Century when Spanish missionaries brought over the País grape. Today there is a, small but mighty, new generation bringing centuries-old winemaking practices back to life. These wines are redefining what we've come to know about Chilean wine.
          August 15, 2019

          Whitcraft Winery: California in its Purest Form

          Drake Whitcraft isn't usually at his winery on Saturdays in the Spring. But there I found myself, on a rainy afternoon, tasting through an incredible line-up of his namesake wines in a freezing barrel room at the Santa Barbara winery. That's the kind of guy Drake is: quiet, modest, giving. Much like the wines he crafts from surrounding vineyards on the Central Coast.
          August 1, 2019

          MAGNUMS: Two bottles are better than one.

          Ever finish a bottle of wine and think to yourself, "Well that went too fast!"? If so, this newsletter's for you!
          July 25, 2019

          Amazing ANOMALIES!

          These three new arrivals caught us off guard. Not only are they delicious–eye-widening, "WOW" delicious–but each one deviates from their stylistic norm. In short, these are wines you would't expect. But we're VERY pleasantly surprised, and you will be too!
          July 11, 2019

          A Slew of New Loire Valley Whites

          Electric whites sure to quench your thirst this summer!
          June 27, 2019

          Bottled Fireworks: 4th of July 6-pack!

          One week from today, we’ll all be on a boat, beach, porch or dock celebrating our nation’s independence. We’ve curated the perfect, soulful six-pack to accompany the festivities...
          June 21, 2019

          Sip on these extraordinary wines all evening long!

          One of our favorite things about summer are the evenings that seem to last a lifetime. Nights become more exciting as we bask in those few extra hours of sunlight. We've selected five shiny, new arrivals in celebration of the Summer Solstice...
          May 23, 2019

          Memorial Day: Dive into these wines ALL weekend long!

          Memorial Day Weekend is here! Leave the beverage planning up to us, while YOU focus on soaking up the sun and sipping on some of our awesome new arrivals. Whether you plan on hitting the beach, boat, porch or a backyard BBQ, we've got all of your weekend essentials covered...
          May 9, 2019

          Spring Sixer: Reds, Whites & Bubbles

          It's a painfully difficult experience: narrowing down your selection of hundreds of bottles to just a few weekend guzzlers. So we've done something to remedy the situation with our new arrivals!
          April 3, 2019

          Spring Has Sprung!

          Time to trade your warm and fuzzy reds for some clean, crisp, cleansing wines. At the risk of jumping into rosé season just a little too quickly, we're featuring three white wines that are fitting (and delicious) this time of year.