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          December 11, 2021

          Salena’s Flavor of the Week – Clos des Citots, Poiré Cider NV

          While we can subsist on wine and wine alone, sometimes we need to mix things up a bit. After all, variety is the spice of life. This classic pear Cider from Normandy is as easy to drink as it is flavorful. It's dry and refreshing, yet still offers a touch of spice and deceptive complexity. I can remember the first time I enjoyed a Normandy cider alongside some fresh local oysters; it was pure bliss. This week, as holiday parties are undoubtedly on your agenda and local oyster season is kicking off, there couldn't be a better time for this offer!
          December 11, 2021

          Exclusive: 2018 Roches Neuves ‘La Marginale’

          This wine is made in TINY quantities. Avid readers, do not roll your eyes! I realize this phrase comes up quite a bit in our newsletters (and for good reason), but this wine truly embodies rarity. A vineyard's size is usually the primary reason for a wine's limited production. Not the case in today's offer. This wine is Thierry Germain's special selection of very old vine Cabernet Franc. Old vines mean less rigor, leading to minuscule amounts of fruit per vine. In this case, a mere 15 hectoliters per hectare. For comparison, Bordeaux's prestigious Cabernet Franc estate, Château Cheval Blanc's vines produce 45 hectoliters per hectare.
          December 4, 2021

          Salena’s Flavor Of The Week – Humus ‘Pahleto’ 2019

          Rodrigo took over the family farm from his father in 1999 and since day one, his goal was to focus on viticulture and transitioning from mass-production and conventional techniques to organic farming and minimalistic winemaking practices. Located just South of Lisbon, his vines flourish amidst untamed rows of grass and vibrant red clay. With the close proximity to the Atlantic offering a reliably cool climate, he is able to produce lighter wines that have rich, concentrated flavors due to a longer ripening period.
          December 3, 2021

          Exclusive: 2010 Luneau Papin L’d’Or And Tierre De Pierre

          I've said it before and I'll say it again: the top-tier estates of Muscadet offer the greatest value white wines in France (and perhaps even the world). These are terroir specific wines made with methods passed down from generations; bottles that have the capacity to age as gracefully as their exalted Burgundian cousins, developing into aromatically complex and texturally layered wines. A 1986 vintage I tasted in 2010 was one of the most revelatory moments in my career. Simply put, these are wines that deserve infinitely more recognition.
          June 11, 2021

          Salena’s Flavor Of The Week – Broc Cellars ‘Love’ Pet Nat

          Chris Brockway turned what we thought we knew about California wine completely upside down. He started a winery in the middle of Berkeley and began purchasing fruit from vineyards up and down the California Coast. His goal from the beginning has always been to make affordable, approachable, 'real' wine. Unadulterated by the use of new oak and any foreign additives. Precision and purity is the name of the game here and year after year his wines keep improving immensely. These 2020s are the best yet.
          June 9, 2021

          Exclusive: 2015 Redortier Gigondas

          Château Redortier is a renowned and historic estate. The family-run farm, established in 1956, is now in the caring hands of twin sisters Sabine and Isabelle. Consisting of a mere 35 hectares facing the prestigious Dentelles de Montmirail, the terroir is exceptional, with vines ranging upwards of 500 meters in altitude. Everything is done by hand and vinification is extremely traditional, without use of any new oak barrels. The sisters only release their wines when they deem them ready, at times storing bottles in their cave for several years before release to the market. These are perfectly aged and stored wines, direct to our shelves.
          December 11, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Clos de la Roilette

          There is a little domaine in Beaujolais which we love every aspect of and buy all we can from every vintage. the wine itself: an old-school, no-nonsense Gamay that can age for decades or be drunk with abandon in its youth. A rare and special combination found in so few wines. Clos de la Roilette, located in the village of Fleurie, covers nine hectares of one of the best slopes in the Beaujolais Crus.
          December 1, 2020

          Exclusive: 2012 Bruna ‘Pulin’

          Italy does it again! Yet another new red wine discovery that stopped me in my tracks and amazed me with its singularity. Francesca and her husband Roberto Bruna cultivate their tiny 7.5 hectare estate in a river valley just 15km from the Mediterranean. Production is a mere 3000 cases spread over seven different wines. "Pulin" means "last born" in local dialect, as this wine is aged longer than any other Bruna wines and released later. This is their smallest production wine and therefore extremely limited.
          September 9, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Clos des Mourres

          Situated on the hillside of Carriane, Ingrid and Jean-Philippe Bouchet work close to 40 hectares of vines, creating diverse reds, crisp whites and delicate rosés. All farmed by hand and with out chemical intervention. The couple have instilled their love of land and vines to their children, who help with the day to day operations at the winery.
          August 30, 2020

          Exclusive: Vale de Capucha

          Pedro has an effortless style that he describes as 'lazy,' but you would never know from the taste. With rich textures and great character, his wines are almost too easy to drink!
          August 30, 2020

          Summer Rosé Bubbles

          All spring we've been tasting rosés in every style, shape and hue culminating in todays' delightful 4-pack of our favorites! These are the most refreshing pink (and red!) pet-nats we have had to date. Crisp, delicate and light, these all feature a thirst-quenching acidity sure to cool you to the core!
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Bret Bros.

          Lucky for us, we have managed to lock down an outstanding allocation from Burgundy's rising stars, the Bret Brothers. Working with a mere 8 hectares (19 acres) of old vine plots, they produce top-notch, terroir-driven, biodynamic wine.
          April 9, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Colombera & Garella

          On the fast track to stardom are Cristiano Garella & Giacomo Colombera, who have become one of the region's most well-known producers. These wines are so elegant, so beautiful, they evoke a feeling of majesty that will stick with you long after the bottle is gone. They carry the intensity, depth and flavor of world-class Barolo, yet delivered in a delicate, elegant way.
          April 2, 2020

          Monarch Exclusive: 2018 Laura Lorenzo ‘Portelo do Vento’ Rosado

          Laura works about 4.5 hectares organically in the Val do Bibei-Quiroga, a subzone of Ribeira Sacra on the cool Atlantic Coast of Spain. She describes her farming as “agro-ecology with minimal impact.” A light pink color gives way to a delicate floral nose with tart raspberry and blood orange. The palate is vibrant, fresh and distinctly saline. A one-of-a-kind rosé.
          March 31, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Le Vignoble du Rêveur

          These wines look different, taste different, feel different. To put it simply, the wines of Mathieu Deiss are transcendent. He has made it his mission to redefine the wines of Alsace, France's historic northeastern region, an area with a complicated territorial history.
          March 12, 2020

          Spain’s Grenache Revolution

          A large part of this revolution is the revival of old-vine Garnacha hailing from Sierra de Gredos, just west of Madrid. A rugged, mountainous region where the soils are rich in granite. Over the past decade, a group of intrepid, young winemakers have dedicated themselves to rediscovering and reinvigorating the old bush-vine Garnacha here.
          January 23, 2020

          Redefining Chilean Wine

          Chile has a longstanding history of winemaking, dating back to the 16th Century when Spanish missionaries brought over the País grape. Today there is a, small but mighty, new generation bringing centuries-old winemaking practices back to life. These wines are redefining what we've come to know about Chilean wine.
          January 16, 2020

          Value White Burgundies

          Inexpensive Burgundy, two words rarely uttered in the same sentence. As the popularity of these ethereal wines soar, prices have followed suit. And for good reason, as these hallowed vineyards have long been home to the most majestic expressions of Chardonnay. This is a land of winemaking legends making some of the most prestigious and highly sought-after wines on the market.
          December 5, 2019

          Jura 101

          The Jura, one of our favorite wine regions (right up there with Champagne, Burgundy, and Barolo too!). Tucked away in a sleepy corner of France, only an hour east of its more illustrious neighbor Burgundy. While the notoriety of Burgundy and the Jura couldn't be more opposite, their wines possess the same mesmerizing beauty
          November 7, 2019

          1st Annual MWM Thanksgiving Tasting!

          We're partnering with a number of our friends from Grassroots, Avant Partir, Kellogg Selections and more to host a festive pre-Thanksgiving tasting! The entire Monarch community is invited to our 1st Annual Thanksgiving shindig! Join us for a walk-around tasting where bottles upon bottles will be popped! This is a wonderful opportunity to welcome the holiday season with your neighbors and taste a slew of SUPERB wines!