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          January 19, 2022

          Exclusive: 2018 Division ‘Temperance Hill’ Pinot Noir

          If you accuse me of being a European wine snob, I would have no rebuttal. My education and career are rooted in the old-world. One spin around Monarch puts this on full display, as our new-world selections are relegated to only a few shelves in the back of the shop. Whether right or wrong, each time I taste domestic wine I immediately compare it to its' European counterpart. Can I find a European wine that delivers this same experience? If the answer is yes, I usually pass on the wine. Perhaps I'm too much of a domestic wine skeptic, but the wine has to REALLY SHINE and stand on its own. Today's wine does just that.
          January 15, 2022

          Salena’s Flavor Of The Week – Das Trocken 2020

          Brothers Peter and Michael Ebert work hand in hand to produce terroir driven wines from their 23 hectares on the steep slopes of the Nahe. Driven by their shared passion for wine and their homeland, they have a simple philosophy: make superior wines that reflect the interaction of the land, soil and climate seamlessly. In the end, this culminates into simply made wines that are anything but.
          December 22, 2021

          Holiday Countdown 2021 (DAY 10) – Champagne Pascale Doquet ‘Arpège’

          Telling you I saved the best for last would be a disservice to all the wonderful wines that came before. But I saved the best for last. I make no secret of my Champagne habit and the reason I opened Monarch was to facilitate my consumption. I joke of course...kind of. The region and its' winemakers fascinate me. Perhaps no other region produces so many different styles of virtually the same wine.
          December 21, 2021

          Holiday Countdown 2021 (DAY 9) – 2019 Deplaudes Des Tartara ‘Tout Compte Fait’

          Today's wine was one of the most delicious, lip-smacking and fun-drinking Pinot Noirs I've had in a long time. And guess what, it's not from Burgundy. It's not even from the Sta. Rita Hills or Willamette Valley for that matter. It hails from the land of Syrah: the Northern Rhône. I'd never heard of Pinot being planted here and would have assumed the radiant sunlight typical of that area would have been too strong for Pinot's delicate nature. But not in the hands of today's talented duo, Pierre-Andre and Anne Deplaude.
          December 20, 2021

          Holiday Countdown 2021 (DAY 8) – 2019 Laura Lorenzo Portelo Do Vento Blanco

          Laura Lorenzo farms just 4.5 hectares of vines spread across multiple parcels in Ribeira Sacra. A land marked by steep, terraced vineyards that cling to the banks of a series of meandering rivers. Farming here is HARD, but Laura works everything organically by hand and is constantly, meticulously tending her vines. And she's just as exacting in her winery, fermenting with native yeasts, aging in used oak casks and never filtering. Her wines are wild, untamed and some of the most exciting in all of Spain.
          December 19, 2021

          Holiday Countdown 2021 (DAY 7) – 2019 Marie Thibault ‘Le Grandes Vignes’

          While I don't have the exact numbers to back this statement up, I think I can safely say that I drink more Gamay than any other red grape. I love how it can be structured and serious if I'm settling in for a hearty dinner, or bright, fresh and thirst-quenching if I just need a quick glass after a long day. Today's wine is a Gamay like none other; a silky, bold, luscious version brimming with velvety dark fruits bolstered by earthy minerals and an intoxicating perfume.
          December 17, 2021

          Holiday Countdown 2021 (DAY 6) – 2019 Tschida Laissez Faire

          This was one of the most amazing wines I've tasted this year as well as one of the most challenging to put into words. When I drank this wine a couple of months ago, the first descriptor I jotted down in my notebook was spellbinding. Yes, it combines everything I love in white wine: clarity, precision, bright acidity and deep minerality. But this wine went beyond just amazing scents and flavors; it was electric, shooting a bolt of energy right through me.
          December 17, 2021

          Holiday Countdown 2021 (DAY 5) – 2019 Javier Revert ‘Simeta’

          The biggest surprises come from the most unlikely of places. A major source of these new vinous surprises for me continues to be Spain. The Iberian peninsula has been delivering the most unique and delicious wines in the world of wine for the past several years. Javi Revert grew up in Valencia where both of his grandfathers had vineyards and a winery each. However, when the cooperative began in their village in 1971, they closed the wineries and sent their grapes there.
          December 16, 2021

          Holiday Countdown 2021 (DAY 4) – 2018 Gilles Buisson St Romain

          Located just behind Meursault, the village of Saint-Romain is a bit of an insider's secret. It displays many of the same qualities of its illustrious neighbor, yet always living in its' shadow and never quite receiving equal accolades. Today's wine displays all of the characteristics that make Meursault so coveted (and frankly then some). It exhibits that magical tension between ample fruit, layered complexity and mouthwatering acidity.
          December 15, 2021

          Holiday Countdown 2021 (DAY 3) – 2018 Rousset Martin PP André

          Tucked away in a sleepy corner of the Jura, the wines of François Rousset-Martin were one of this year's most surprising discoveries. Leave it to our friend's at Kermit Lynch to keep introducing us to new and incredible producers after all these years. This is my quintessential red. It has the poise and elegance of red Burgundy, the deep mineral cut of top Loire reds and an unabashed exuberance only found in great Cru Beaujolais.
          December 14, 2021

          Holiday Countdown 2021 (DAY 2) – 2017 Collier Saumur Blanc

          In the Loire valley, the surname Foucault is on par with Rousseau in Burgundy or Conterno in Piedmont. Antoine Foucault of Domaine du Collier cut his teeth at the famed Clos Rougeard working for his father and uncle, Charles and Nady Foucault. He set out at the ripe old age of 26 to start Domaine du Collier with a smattering of hundred year old Chenin Blanc vines on limestone outcroppings in Saumur.
          December 13, 2021

          Holiday Countdown 2021 (DAY 1) – 2019 Foradori Morei

          We're starting this year's countdown with a serious and historic wine. I've been a MASSIVE fan of Elisabetta Foradori's wines for years, but today's single vineyard expression of Teroldego is the most stunning I have tasted to date. 'Morei' means 'dark' in local dialect and this wine embodies that meaning perfectly. Leaning into Teroldego's inky, black fruit, this is a show stopping red, brimming with equal measures of intensity and grace.
          December 11, 2021

          Salena’s Flavor of the Week – Clos des Citots, Poiré Cider NV

          While we can subsist on wine and wine alone, sometimes we need to mix things up a bit. After all, variety is the spice of life. This classic pear Cider from Normandy is as easy to drink as it is flavorful. It's dry and refreshing, yet still offers a touch of spice and deceptive complexity. I can remember the first time I enjoyed a Normandy cider alongside some fresh local oysters; it was pure bliss. This week, as holiday parties are undoubtedly on your agenda and local oyster season is kicking off, there couldn't be a better time for this offer!
          December 11, 2021

          Exclusive: 2018 Roches Neuves ‘La Marginale’

          This wine is made in TINY quantities. Avid readers, do not roll your eyes! I realize this phrase comes up quite a bit in our newsletters (and for good reason), but this wine truly embodies rarity. A vineyard's size is usually the primary reason for a wine's limited production. Not the case in today's offer. This wine is Thierry Germain's special selection of very old vine Cabernet Franc. Old vines mean less rigor, leading to minuscule amounts of fruit per vine. In this case, a mere 15 hectoliters per hectare. For comparison, Bordeaux's prestigious Cabernet Franc estate, Château Cheval Blanc's vines produce 45 hectoliters per hectare.
          December 4, 2021

          Salena’s Flavor Of The Week – Humus ‘Pahleto’ 2019

          Rodrigo took over the family farm from his father in 1999 and since day one, his goal was to focus on viticulture and transitioning from mass-production and conventional techniques to organic farming and minimalistic winemaking practices. Located just South of Lisbon, his vines flourish amidst untamed rows of grass and vibrant red clay. With the close proximity to the Atlantic offering a reliably cool climate, he is able to produce lighter wines that have rich, concentrated flavors due to a longer ripening period.
          December 3, 2021

          Exclusive: 2010 Luneau Papin L’d’Or And Tierre De Pierre

          I've said it before and I'll say it again: the top-tier estates of Muscadet offer the greatest value white wines in France (and perhaps even the world). These are terroir specific wines made with methods passed down from generations; bottles that have the capacity to age as gracefully as their exalted Burgundian cousins, developing into aromatically complex and texturally layered wines. A 1986 vintage I tasted in 2010 was one of the most revelatory moments in my career. Simply put, these are wines that deserve infinitely more recognition.
          November 17, 2021

          Exclusive: 2017 Franck Peillot Montagnieu Brut

          fell in love with the crystalline wines of Franck Peillot many years ago while working in the cellars of Balthazar, and have been hunting them down with zeal ever since. My relentless pursuit has finally paid off and I'm thrilled to offer his wines for the FIRST time today. Just in time to stock up for the holidays, this is your perfect bubbly for toasting with family and friends.
          November 12, 2021

          Salena’s Flavor of the Week – Lammidia ‘Bianchetto’ 2020

          David and Marco are two childhood friends that grew up together in Abruzzo. Lammidia is their small biodynamic winery within sight of the Adriatic. With a purist attitude, their non-interventionist approach starts in the vineyard, carries through to the cellar and then culminates in each bottle. After ten years of working together, they have nearly 60 labels under their belts, each carrying their motto: 'uva e basta!' (grapes and that’s it!) — no modern technology, no chemicals, no bells or whistles; just grapes and a couple friends getting into the soil they grew up on. Their wines are ALIVE! You feel the energy in every sip.
          November 9, 2021

          Exclusive: 2020 Envinate Migan Chingao

          For the last several years, whenever I'm asked what wine I'm most excited about, the answer has consistently been anything made by Envínate. These wines continue to push boundaries while still being rooted in tradition. Four friends changing the Spanish wine landscape, their story only eclipsed by the quality of their wines. What do I do when I taste a brand new, never before produced Envínate wine? I fall in love all over again, and buy up every drop I can possibly get my hands on.
          October 27, 2021

          Exclusive: 2017 Val delle Corti Chianti Classico

          The opportunity to drink and share wines of such stature is a rare and special opportunity. As the demand for these famous labels have soared, so have their prices. What is one to do? Lean on me. If you dig a little deeper, there are still tremendous wines being made in close proximity to these great estates. For reasons unknown, these neighboring wineries haven't garnered the spotlight (or price for that matter) of their more famous neighbors.