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          August 30, 2020

          Summer Rosé Bubbles

          All spring we've been tasting rosés in every style, shape and hue culminating in todays' delightful 4-pack of our favorites! These are the most refreshing pink (and red!) pet-nats we have had to date. Crisp, delicate and light, these all feature a thirst-quenching acidity sure to cool you to the core!
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Bret Bros.

          Lucky for us, we have managed to lock down an outstanding allocation from Burgundy's rising stars, the Bret Brothers. Working with a mere 8 hectares (19 acres) of old vine plots, they produce top-notch, terroir-driven, biodynamic wine.
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Sébastien Riffault

          Since 2002, Sébastien has produced vintage after vintage of astounding wines. Capturing a liveliness and energy mimicked in his vineyards. It's the depth and concentration of fruit that makes his Sancerre some of the most alluring of all the land. Invigorating, thought provoking and pristine, these immaculate wines are the Loire Valley's best kept secret.
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Envínate

          I believe decades from now we will look back at the 2010s and credit four friends from winemaking school with singlehandedly changing the trajectory of Spanish wine.
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Jean-Pierre Robinot

          With only 20,000 bottles produced each year, these are some of the most exclusive, highly allocated and hard-to-find bottles in the world. Jean-Pierre has reached cult status in the world of natural wine, his magical bottles becoming somewhat of a Holy Grail. These are pure, honest and transformative wines to be sure.
          August 30, 2020

          Exclusive: Le Petit St Vincent ‘Poyeaux’ Saumur Champigny 2014

          It's a special thing to drink a wine with age. Amongst its countless compelling facets, wine's ability to evolve with time may be its most magical quality. A small category of wines only truly reveal themselves with time.
          August 30, 2020

          Exclusive: deMoor Chablis 2018

          Highly sought- after in markets like Paris and New York, we are lucky to even get a limited allocation. So there is a 'deMoor season', but the season is short!
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Methode Sauvage

          Redefining California wine as we know it, Methode Sauvage was created as an effort to celebrate California Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc. Driven by a passion for natural farming and making wines with a true sense of place, this group of friends is putting out some of the most exciting and unprecedented wines from our West Coast.
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Danilo Marcucci

          Experiencing the wines of Danilo Marcucci for the first time is unforgettable. There is an energy at the core of each bottle that resonates inside of you, making your hair stand on end! His wines are at once distinct, fresh and wild, without any unbalance or loss of their vineyard origins.
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Dard et Ribo 2016

          I am pleased to offer the only case of Dard et Ribo 2016 Saint-Joseph in South Carolina. The wine is exuberant and effusive, delivering all the savory animale and tenacity of Syrah but with a playful and beguiling texture reminiscent of the best Beaujolais.
          August 30, 2020

          Exclusive: Ardoisieres ‘Argile’ Rouge 2016

          Enter Domaine des Ardoisières, a minuscule winery tucked in the shadow of Mt. Blanc. Here, in the far reaches of the French Alps come wines with light, bright and refreshing frames. They posses a purity of fruit coupled with high elevation acidity lending these wines a distinct subtly not dissimilar to the great wines of Burgundy. Cool and refreshing, like a mountain stream.
          August 30, 2020

          Exclusive: Matt Taylor Wines

          Last week we jumped on a Zoom call with Matt. It was our first time 'meeting' him. Like his wines, he is thoughtful, articulate, and subtle. The conversation veered from farming to winemaking to his inspirations. At every turn, Matt was engaging and detailed, quick to turn the discussion away from him and towards his vines.
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Olivier Lemasson

          Long-time Monarch favorite, Olivier Lemasson's 2019s have finally arrived! It was the first sips of his wines, way back in the early aughts, that helped ignite our passion for natural wine. We had never tasted anything like them, they were so bright, so fresh, so tasty, so ALIVE!
          August 30, 2020

          Exclusive: Pelican ‘Berangers’ Trousseau 2018

          I am so proud and excited to share today's offer with you! So many things I love packed into one bottle. A red wine made by legendary Burgundian winemaker, Guillaume d'Angerville, from vines planted by one of the Jura's greatest, Jacques Puffeney - retired since 2014.
          August 30, 2020

          Exclusive: Noella Morantin, Sauvignon ‘Chez Charles’ 2018

          Noëlla has trained with and worked alongside some of the great names of the Loire. A couple of years with Agnès and René Mosse in Anjou led to her becoming the vineyard manager at Les Bois Lucas, then onto renting parcels of the aforementioned Clos Roche Blanche in Touraine. She now makes wine with fruit from a mixture of owned and rented parcels at her beautiful cellar carved out of the hillside.
          August 30, 2020

          Producer Spolight: Fabio Gea

          For me to really fall for a wine it must be true, genuine, authentic, REAL. The wines of Fabio Gea are ALL of these things. Some are traditional, while others novel and fresh. But they are always true to the Piedmont vineyards from which they're grown.
          April 9, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Colombera & Garella

          On the fast track to stardom are Cristiano Garella & Giacomo Colombera, who have become one of the region's most well-known producers. These wines are so elegant, so beautiful, they evoke a feeling of majesty that will stick with you long after the bottle is gone. They carry the intensity, depth and flavor of world-class Barolo, yet delivered in a delicate, elegant way.
          April 2, 2020

          Monarch Exclusive: 2018 Laura Lorenzo ‘Portelo do Vento’ Rosado

          Laura works about 4.5 hectares organically in the Val do Bibei-Quiroga, a subzone of Ribeira Sacra on the cool Atlantic Coast of Spain. She describes her farming as “agro-ecology with minimal impact.” A light pink color gives way to a delicate floral nose with tart raspberry and blood orange. The palate is vibrant, fresh and distinctly saline. A one-of-a-kind rosé.
          March 31, 2020

          Producer Spotlight: Le Vignoble du Rêveur

          These wines look different, taste different, feel different. To put it simply, the wines of Mathieu Deiss are transcendent. He has made it his mission to redefine the wines of Alsace, France's historic northeastern region, an area with a complicated territorial history.
          March 30, 2020

          Virtual Tasting with Rajat Parr

          I asked 3-time James Beard award-winning sommelier / author / winemaker, Raj Parr, if he could spare 30 minutes to catch up and talk wine. Since the shop opened, the wines Raj helps to make at Sandhi, Evening Land, Raj Parr Wines, and Domaine de la Côte have always been represented on our shelves. Check out our 30-minute chat covering a wide-range of topics!