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          February 17, 2020

          2013 Castell’in Villa, Chianti Classico Riserva

          Proprietress Principessa Coralia Pignatelli della Leonessa and her husband first bought the property in 1968. To this day she crafts some of the most traditional, classic and elegant wines anywhere in the world: soulful, distinctive, long-lived, and delicious. Proof that Sangiovese can rise to greatness when grown in the right place.
          February 14, 2020

          Valentine’s Day Rosé Bubbles

          This week we're highlighting some of our favorite pink bubbles, crafted by a few of our most cherished winemaking lovebirds! From their hearts to yours, this Valentine's Day foursome is PACKED with LOVE.
          February 9, 2020

          Valentine’s Tasting with Bobo Selections

          Join us in welcoming Karen Ulrich, whose company is responsible for importing some of the most exciting natural wines to hit our shores! She'll be pouring, chatting and drinking her way through a line-up of some of her portfolio's stand-outs. Drop-in and hang out anytime between 5:30 - 7p. It's free AND we'll have some discounts and day-of specials too!
          January 30, 2020

          Catalonian Crushes

          With the Mediterranean sea in sight, there are no wines quite like these in the world. Not only are these some of the most unique wines we have ever tasted, they are true RARITIES, sometimes yielding less than 900 bottles in a single vintage! This week, we're highlighting four of these Spanish gems.
          January 29, 2020

          Roches Neuves ‘Franc de Pied’ Saumur-Champigny 2016

          A truly French wine, un-grafted and un-matched! Thierry Germain's total dedication to site specific wines produced from Cabernet Franc (and Chenin Blanc), have produced some of the most exciting wines in the Loire Valley today. This is one of the most profound expressions of Cabernet Franc we've ever had.
          January 23, 2020

          Redefining Chilean Wine

          Chile has a longstanding history of winemaking, dating back to the 16th Century when Spanish missionaries brought over the País grape. Today there is a, small but mighty, new generation bringing centuries-old winemaking practices back to life. These wines are redefining what we've come to know about Chilean wine.
          January 16, 2020

          Value White Burgundies

          Inexpensive Burgundy, two words rarely uttered in the same sentence. As the popularity of these ethereal wines soar, prices have followed suit. And for good reason, as these hallowed vineyards have long been home to the most majestic expressions of Chardonnay. This is a land of winemaking legends making some of the most prestigious and highly sought-after wines on the market.
          January 10, 2020

          Lise & Bertrand Jousset

          Our featured producer this week, the Joussets, are all about connections. Connections with their land, vines and people. Their wines are a conduit between their home and yours. There is no pretension here: the wine is all about the expression of pure pleasure!
          December 22, 2019

          Monarch’s Holiday Countdown! Day 10: Occhipinti ‘Il Frappato’

          Arianna has been a rising star throughout the past decade, crafting wines that reveal the chalky minerality of Vittorian soils, the freshness of the sea sprayed air, and the uniqueness of native Sicilian varietals. This is her flagship and most important wine.
          December 21, 2019

          Monarch’s Holiday Countdown! Day 9: Mont de Marie ‘Salve Ager’

          Mont de Marie is the creation of Thierry Forestier, son of a wine making family in Costières de Nimes. In 2002 he pieced together 7.5 hectares of land around the eastern-most part of the Coteaux du Languedoc. Nearly a third of his vineyards are planted with Aramon, an indigenous grape variety whose vines are at least 100 years old.
          December 20, 2019

          Monarch’s Holiday Countdown! Day 8: Clos du Jaugueyron ‘Nout’ Margaux

          This is old-school Bordeaux, crafted by a young man, Michel Théron. Michel moved to Bordeaux in 1988 from the Languedoc to study winemaking. What I love most about his wines is that while they are no doubt age-worthy, they are simply delicious now. Showing beautiful fruit and balance, and gaining complexity as they open.
          December 19, 2019

          Monarch’s Holiday Countdown! Day 7: Bodega Chacra ‘Sin Azufre’

          Current shop inventory of wines from South America: JUST ONE. This wine is different. One of the most amazing Pinot Noir's I've had in a long time. Piero has created a winery that exists outside of the usual New World vs. Old World debate, actively redefining what is possible from Pinot Noir in the Southern Hemisphere.
          December 18, 2019

          Monarch Holiday Countdown! Day 6: Grand’Cour ‘Clos de la Grand’Cour’ Fleurie

          Jean-Luis Dutraive is often referred to as the 'heart of Beaujolais.' The wines of Jean-Louis' estate, Domaine de la Grand'Cour, are singular in that each wine comes from a specific vineyard, or 'lieu dit' in Fleurie.
          December 17, 2019

          Monarch’s Holiday Countdown! Day 5: Montesecondo ‘Il Rospo’

          A Cabernet Sauvignon grown in the heart of Chianti Classico was a revelation! The idea of crafting a wine from this grape was not a decision Silvio made based on trends or market demand. These were vines he inherited from his father.
          December 16, 2019

          Monarch Holiday Countdown! Day 4: Domaine Belluard ‘Les Alps’

          Dominique Belluard farms his vineyards biodynamically in the tiny village of Ayse, at the foot of the French Alps. On exceedingly steep, rocky terrain the Gringet (GRAN-jay) grape variety has been grown since the 14th or 15th century but had nearly gone extinct before Belluard began cultivating it; establishing himself as the only winemaker currently bottling Gringet commercially.
          December 15, 2019

          Monarch Holiday Countdown! Day 3: PYCM ‘Les Ancengnières’

          Few winemakers have ascended to stardom more quickly than Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey. In the matter of a decade (a split second in Burgundian time), Pierre-Yves' wines have become some of the most sought-after, collectible and allocated in the world. Some call him the 'Magician of White Burgundy.'
          December 14, 2019

          Monarch Holiday Countdown! Day 2: Envínate ‘Táganan’

          A quartet of Spanish friends and schoolmates are making world-changing, earth-shatteringly beautiful wines on the Canary Islands! Formed back in 2005 in college, they set out to make wine with a focus on Coastal Atlantic vineyards. A truly unique and characterful white wine that is deliciously pithy, salty and smoky with refreshing acidity.
          December 12, 2019

          Monarch’s Holiday Countdown! Day 1: Vouette & Sorbét ‘Fidèle’

          Let’s get the party started with what else but CHAMPAGNE! Not your average Champagne, these bubbles are grown way down South, in a region called the Aube. It's in this unique corner of Champange that Bertrand Gautherot crafts some of the most distinct and unique wines we have ever tasted.
          December 5, 2019

          Jura 101

          The Jura, one of our favorite wine regions (right up there with Champagne, Burgundy, and Barolo too!). Tucked away in a sleepy corner of France, only an hour east of its more illustrious neighbor Burgundy. While the notoriety of Burgundy and the Jura couldn't be more opposite, their wines possess the same mesmerizing beauty
          November 21, 2019

          Raj Parr Wine Club ‘Monday Club’ Pet-Nat

          Make no mistake, every Monarch Exclusive is special. Each of these wines take extra effort to obtain. They are wines we believe in so strongly that we go the extra mile to bring them to you. However, this is a BIG ONE. We are proud to be the only retailer on EARTH to offer Raj Parr's 'Monday Club' Pet-Nat!