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          July 6, 2019

          René et Vincent Dauvissat Chablis 2017

          A strong case can be made that, of all the places where Chardonnay is grown, Chablis produces the most distinctive and unique wines. Even “village” wines from solid producers have a unique charm and minerality. But in the hands of a true master, working with old vines and elite vineyards, Chablis can scale heights unknown to other Chardonnay makers...
          June 27, 2019

          Bottled Fireworks: 4th of July 6-pack!

          One week from today, we’ll all be on a boat, beach, porch or dock celebrating our nation’s independence. We’ve curated the perfect, soulful six-pack to accompany the festivities...
          June 26, 2019

          Domaine Chapel, Beaujolais-Villages 2018

          It's an age-old story, or is it? Boy meets girl while working harvest for legendary winemakers in Beaujolais. Girl marries boy. The young couple start their own winery and take the wine world by storm with their thrilling and incredibly soulful wines!
          June 21, 2019

          Sip on these extraordinary wines all evening long!

          One of our favorite things about summer are the evenings that seem to last a lifetime. Nights become more exciting as we bask in those few extra hours of sunlight. We've selected five shiny, new arrivals in celebration of the Summer Solstice...
          June 21, 2019

          Burgs & Burgs: Event with Baba’s on Cannon

          This Friday, our friends at Baba's on Cannon will be whipping up burgers, and we'll be right alongside them pouring up an awesome selection of Burgundy! Because a juicy burger and a glass of silky Pinot Noir go hand in hand, and we can't think of a combo more delectable than this one...
          May 31, 2019

          Is it white? Is it red? It’s both!

          All of a sudden it's HOT(!), which means we're heading straight to the chilled wine section to grab...what exactly!? These days, white wine is just a fraction of the options available in terms of chill-able bottles...
          May 23, 2019

          Memorial Day: Dive into these wines ALL weekend long!

          Memorial Day Weekend is here! Leave the beverage planning up to us, while YOU focus on soaking up the sun and sipping on some of our awesome new arrivals. Whether you plan on hitting the beach, boat, porch or a backyard BBQ, we've got all of your weekend essentials covered...
          May 22, 2019

          Envinate ‘Migan’ & ‘Palo Blanco’ 2017

          Go to the ends of the earth, find ancient and mostly forgotten vines that grow in a windswept moonscape atop dormant volcanoes, and make great wine...
          May 16, 2019

          Chenin, We Love You

          They say too much of anything is bad, but when it comes to Chenin Blanc, we'll have to politely decline that statement. You could explore a different Chenin for a week straight (or month, or year!), experiencing something new with each pop of the bottle...
          May 9, 2019

          Spring Sixer: Reds, Whites & Bubbles

          It's a painfully difficult experience: narrowing down your selection of hundreds of bottles to just a few weekend guzzlers. So we've done something to remedy the situation with our new arrivals!
          April 3, 2019

          Spring Has Sprung!

          Time to trade your warm and fuzzy reds for some clean, crisp, cleansing wines. At the risk of jumping into rosé season just a little too quickly, we're featuring three white wines that are fitting (and delicious) this time of year.
          March 27, 2019

          Colombera & Garella Lessona ‘Pizzaguerra’ 2015

          I taste a lot of wine. I mean, a LOT of wine OK? And the simple fact that I can still be stopped in my tracks by a heartbreakingly beautiful bottle of wine...well, that's why Monarch exists. This exclusive is from a producer that is no stranger to our shelves, but it is a cuvée that is totally new to South Carolina.
          January 5, 2019

          Humble. Natural. Groundbreaking.

          Arianna Occhipinti crafts Sicilian treasures that seldom come around, and Monarch is once again honored and humbled to carry four of her wines. Become acquainted with Arianna, who's wines embody nature, harmony and respect for all...